NEW! Introducing Clear Pak® BIO, a bio-based, amine-free, nitrite-free VCI film




Introducing new Clear Pak BIO® volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) film – a new, innovative and proprietary corrosion inhibiting film that combines the superior rust protection you expect from Daubert Cromwell with the highest level of care for the environment and worker safety. Clear Pak BIO fully protects ferrous metals such as steel and iron, and is compatible with a wide variety of metals and alloys in multi-metal applications.

Clear Pak BIO’s environmentally friendly technology is:

● Completely amine-free. Completely nitrite-free.
● Impregnated with volatile corrosion inhibitors that are all natural, derived from plants.
● Safe to handle and use.
● TRGS 615 and 900 compliant
● TL 8135-0043 compliant. Strong and effective enough to pass the most rigorous corrosion tests with the highest grade possible (3).
● Fully recyclable
● Transparent for easy inspection of the parts inside without opening the package.
● Flexible, strong, puncture and tear resistant
● Technically proven to provide the best protection for ferrous metals.
● Tinted a unique shade of purple to identify it as a quality product of Daubert Cromwell and printed with the Clear Pak BIO name.

Clear Pak BIO is available in multiple types and thicknesses to meet individual customer specifications: 

– Single wound and c-fold sheeting
– Tubing
– Flat and gusseted bags, zipper bags
– Bonnets, box liners, protective covers
– Custom constructions, bubble films, stretch films, shrink films, ESD films, flame retardant films





The corrosion inhibitors in Clear Pak BIO film are all natural, derived from plants, completely nitrite-free and amine-free. Clear Pak BIO complies with the strictest occupational health, safety and environmental regulations while protecting your metal parts from corrosive elements during shipping and storage anywhere in the world.

Clear Pak BIO is a new addition to Daubert Cromwell’s line of chemically engineered VCI poly films. It has excellent physical properties allowing it to survive the rigors of harsh handling, inspection and international shipment. It protects metal parts and components from damage and  contamination, and will keep them rust free. The corrosion inhibitors in Clear Pak BIO are derived from plant extracts, an innovative departure from conventional VCIs that contain sodium nitrites or typical amines. They are safe, effective, and exceed global health and safety standards. The absence of regulated substances makes workplace auditing unnecessary and perhaps most importantly, provides peace of mind.

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